Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer is HERE! YAY

Sunshine is abundant in Arizona, but today it really felt like summer. It was 85 degrees and bright and sunny and just great weather. The kids and I went to a splash park with some moms and children from church. It was totally fun! I am so glad I went. They just love water! I love watching my children interact with other children. Today they were mostly good, but they like to get their own way and sometimes will gang up on another child so it is two against one, in order for them to get what they want. They were tired and cold after about an hour and were ready to leave, so we packed up the van, went grocery shopping and then went home. It was a long morning/early afternoon and we were all pretty tired.

I just wanted to add that tonight for dinner, in lieu of a recipe because we just barely got a new grill, we decided to have BBQ turkey burgers -- they were great! I love it when M does most of the cooking because before we got the grill, that was like never, and now . . . well, he likes to play with his new toy! I will provide you a yummy recipe next week! Hope you are enjoying life to the fullest!!!

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Karen said...

Ahhh what cute kiddos you have. Fun in the sun. Glad you had a good day!