Saturday, December 23, 2006


We went to Zoolights in Phoenix. We had planned to go on a Friday night, but then it rained all day Friday (rain in Phoenix, the nerve). We ended up going Saturday night, which was MAYHEM! They had a place that you could park and take a shuttle to the zoo. Well, one look at the shuttle line up and we knew we were walking -- much to the dismay of M's parents. Poor things. My mom did not fare so well either. It was a workout for her. We had pre-bought our tickets so we just had to go pick them up at "will call" and then walk up to the gate, rather than wait in line at the gate (one major bonus if you saw that line). Once inside, it was still a little crowded and crazy. We took the kids for some carousel rides, and then walked around the zoo. We got to see the talking giraffe (which was a giraffe they made that had someone walking around and you could tell that someone your kids names and such and they would say hello (as the giraffe). A really cool idea. Then we saw pretty lights on the lake (like Bellagio fountain style -- they danced to christmas music). We ate peppermint chocolate candy sticks.
Then we came across a place that they had camel rides. I decided J was too young, but E and her two aunts could go. So, we sent them on the ride and got a picture. It was $5 per person and $5 for a picture -- so they were making a killing, but I think it was worth the $20. All in all we had a fun night together. I am glad we went to Zoolights.

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