Friday, October 30, 2009

Pathway Halloween Fun

My mom and I had so much fun at E and J's class halloween parties and trick or treating. The kids were all so well behaved and happy. E is Aurora this year, and J is Spiderman. They were so stoked to wear their costumes. They got SO much junk . . . not sure how we will ever go through it all. EEK!!! (*warning: Picture overload*)

From E's Classroom:

E and her popcorn hand and with her teacher Miss Merritt

E and her desk buddy Lily

E getting wrapped as a mummy and Aubrey wrapping Emi

Aubrey, Emi and E as mummies

From J's Classroom:

Wyatt, J and Sierra being good little students

J's bat with the red glittery eyes

J & classmates making pumpkin faces cut and paste -- and Christian and J in their costumes

Trick or Treating Around the School:

J Trick or Treating and a cute picture of E & J's friend Ally as a cat

E trick or treating . . . so pretty!

E trick or treating from Mickey (Principal Cardine) and J with his class trick or treating

Hey funny face! J being silly as Spiderman

E and J on the slide at the end of the day -- tired and ready to go home

All the loot they brought home from school -- almost no point in going out trick or treating! WOW they have so much junk already! *scared momma*


Brimaca said...

They look adorable!

Crafty Math Chick said...

You do know that Halloween was created by the dentists to raise money for the holidays right? ;) Lovely pictures. It looks like your kids had a wonderful time!