Monday, July 16, 2012

Canada Trip - Toronto, Ontario - Day 5

A trip to Canada would not be complete without a pit stop at Canada's Wonderland.  I had not been there in over a decade and I thought it would be fun to take the kids.  I convinced Val and Dan to go with us, and it was a totally crazy, but fun time.  Theme parks are always fun!  So when we first got to the park, there was Charlie Brown, standing in the perfect spot to get the mountain and fountains in behind.  E met him and the first thing he did was hit his nose, and Charlie Brown walked away . . . hello, *awkward* . . . but the rest of the crew managed to catch him again and get this cute picture . . . minus E.

Posing in front of Dragon Fire (this was the first roller coaster I went on as a kid)

M and E watching Leviathan (a new one that goes 380 feet up and drops at an 80 degree angle)

The littles started to get tired of waiting for the big kids to do their rides, so I took them over to Planet Snoopy to play.  On the way there, they stopped to splash in some puddles and give Sally a hug!
M and E loved this ride.  We had to go twice each time so each of them could have a turn being the driver

A trip to Canada would not be complete without poutine (french fries, cheese curds and gravy - basically a heart attack in a bowl)  

Mic having his first bite of poutine

Lunchtime . . . Love my sister!

Brave little E goes on Blast Off all by himself

Lucy's tugboats - lots of fun!

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Lucy 

My sis Val and Mic

Me and my sis (and the stand up roller coaster we were waiting to go on in the background)

Drowned rats -- after White Water Canyon and Timberwolf Falls plus standing on the bridge

Flavourator - Like teacups, only faster and more cool!

My tired family at the end of the day

Dan and my sis Val

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