Friday, January 26, 2007

What a STEAL!!!! / Published????

So today I was at Walmart, picking up fabric softener so I could finish the laundry (yeah right, like that ever happens), and we came across this bin full of toys and stuff for $3. Well, I found a Jack Sparrow Costume, complete with spy-scope and treasure and purse for treasure, and also an Ariel Bride costume and a set of Bongos -- you know, the kind they have at Toys R Us that are nice, but I never would pay $15 to buy my kids, well they were only $3 so I got them too. The kids have been having such a fun day playing dress up. I just had to take some pictures. J looks so funny as Jack Sparrow. He hates the hair on it. He loves the money bag though, I think it makes him feel rich or something.

E loves being a princess bride. She is really really into dress up lately anyway, so this was a huge bargain to add to her dress up box. Although, the dress up stuff is getting out of hand and I may just have to go shopping at Hobby Lobby and see if I can find a trunk that will work in their play area or in one of their rooms. Oh and I inserted the head shot of E in the bottom corner because how adorable is her face in that one. Almost makes me tear thinking that I will see that little angelic face again on her wedding day *smiles*

I also got a postcard today from The Rubber Stamper Magazine. It said "we are considering your submission for publication in a future issue" so I don't know if that means that they are going to publish one of the 4 cards I have submitted to them, or if it is just something that they send to everyone. It does actually says "keep reading the rubber stampers. You'll soon be on our pages!" So does that mean I am finally going to get published??? That makes me so excited. Okay, so all you already published stampers, help me out . . . let me know if I should be happy dancing right now . . .


Kimberly said...

Cute costumes! My kids love dress up too.

Congrats! Keep us posted on the publish date!!

AnneMarie said...

how exciting for you!!!!
congrats- I bet you will be on the pages before you know it!