Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MISSION: Play with some snow -- Flagstaff Day Trip

We decided to make a day trip to Flagstaff, AZ to play in the snow. It is one of the coolest things about AZ -- we drive 3 hours North, we are still in AZ, but there is winter weather and pretty mountains.

All the babies dressed warm and in the car waiting while dad buys a sled

Baby E's First Reaction to snow . . . he sat and then wanted to crawl

Coming down the hill -- they look like a huge snowball

E playing in the snow and making a snow angel

J dashing through the snow and crying with cold gloves and hands

Daddy and Little E

Mom, Baby Megan (in my tummy) and Baby E

3 Babies in a sled . . . two cold, one happy . . . after an hour, they were ready to go home. I was not all that surprised by this though since they just had on jeans over thermal jammies. They were warm until they got really wet. We decided to check out Crowley Pit, after the Wing Mountain Snow play and sledding area closed and E made a snowman with her daddy. They I changed all the kids into warm dry clothes while Mic took a trip down the hill. It was a fun trip! I really enjoyed it!

E, Daddy and their first snowman together

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Claudia said...

Great photos! You guys always take your children on such great adventures. What a cool family!