Sunday, August 26, 2012

Michael's Grand Canyon Adventure

So a few days ago, Michael called from work and was talking about some friends going to hike the Grand Canyon. I asked if he wanted to go with them and he said yes.  That night after work he went shopping for some camping gear and food and the next morning he left to go hike.  It was totally spur of the moment but I am glad he went.  There is no way in heck I would take all four kids to the Grand Canyon, far too dangerous.  I was nervous about it because I knew it was a pretty tough hike and Mic is not really a camper per se, but things went well.

Hiking in after sleeping in the parking lot

6 miles down, 2 miles to go - Mic and Wei

Arriving in the village - Wei, Michael, Sam

Ultra classy meals at the camp site

Hi HOooooooo!  Mic in the quartz mine

Promised to come back alive, being extra careful

At the base of Mooney Falls and then the climb back up.  

The climb down was wet, slippery and dangerous.  The night before, Wei saw a shooting star and though it was an omen of death.  Wei thought he was going to die on the climb.

Hiking back from Mooney Falls

Laying in the waterfall (pictured here) was Michael's favorite activity on the trip

Cave Smores 

Top:  Keith, Tim  Front:  Michael, Wei, Sam

Random Horse Skull hiking up the mountain - encouraging - keep hiking or die like this guy

The trail was washed out, so Michael missed the turn and almost wandered into the desert, but some horse riders saved the day and got them headed into the right direction.

Donkey's carried gear in and out of the canyon

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