Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Disneyland - October 10, 2012

Day two started off with the kids being awake at 6 a.m.  YAY!  I got everyone dressed and they opted for McDonalds for breakfast (blah).  We drove back to the hotel after and then walked over to the park as it was not very far at all.  We got there at open, so it was SUPER crowded!  We went on Monsters Inc. because the kids really wanted to go on it.  There was no wait at all, so we went a second time.  Then we ventured to see "The Art of Frankenweenie" which was really cool.  After we met up with Karen for a special Meet & Greet compliments of her CHASE card.  I found the hat I wanted to buy last time I was at the park, so I got it!  I also found an adorable two faced mayor for my Christmas tree at home (to go with my awesome Jack and Sally).  It was a good day!

Victor and Sparky


Stitch teaching the kids to do the hula

Meeting Stitch

Instant Concert - Just Add Water (We had never seen this - fountain show during the day)

Maestro Goofy 

Kids watching the show

Sorcerer's Workshop - J creating a cartoon

Watching his strip he created in motion

Which character are you most like?  J got Scar.  I got Mrs. Incredible.

Kids collecting Frankenweenie collector cards that made a puzzle . . . stopping to put them together and see what they had so far...

Taking a little rest on stairs at the entrance of California Adventure

We headed over to Disneyland for a little bit . . . decided to checkout the pirate island . . . I had never done that before and it was very cool.  

Kids found the treasure on Pirate Island

E and J got stuck on the Thunder Mountain Railroad, like their car stopped mid ride on the track.  They had to be escorted off, and after they got a ticket for fast entrance (handicap line access) to any ride in the park excluding Space Mountain or Matterhorn.  We used our pass on Peter Pan, as it always has a long wait.  I think our wait was about 10 minutes.

After a couple more rides in Fantasyland, we headed over to meet Karen and her girls at California Adventure, the kids went on California Screamin' and then we all went and rode Toy Story Mania.  By the end, both of the babies were pretty tired!

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