Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disneyland - October 11, 2012

Day 3 - We woke up to a rainy morning.  I knew it would rain today because the it was expected to, and I actually was looking forward to it keeping some people away from the parks *fingers crossed right*

We went to Fantasyland first thing in the morning to finish up the rides we had not done yet, and when we got there, we discovered Alice and Teacups were both shut down because they had to be mopped up after the rain before we could ride them.  We ran into Mr. Rabbit and the Mad Hatter.  The Mad Hatter tied M and E's harnesses together so if they got lost, at least they would be together and then commented to Mr. Rabbit that they should do that with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!  Haha!  After getting a picture with them, we headed over and went on Dumbo and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and when we finished those, Alice was open and by the time we finished Alice, Teacups were open!  Perfect!

Meeting Mad Hatter and Mr. Rabbit

E and J in line at Mr. Toads Wild Ride

M being in charge of making us fly at Dumbo


Littles having so much fun spinning their mommy

After Fantasyland, the babies were getting kind of grouchy, and hungry, so we went to Pizza Port and had some lunch.  M had a meltdown as we were trying to get lunch, it was probably the most stressful time of the trip, but an awesome lady working at Pizza Port, carried my tray to the table and helped us out.  I was so appreciative.  After we finished, we took the Disneyland RR across to the Haunted Mansion (to cheer me up) and then rode it back to Tomorrowland because J wanted to see Jedi training.  We got there really close to the start of the show, so they did not get chosen.  Em still did all the stuff with an imagination light saber and at the end, a Disney worker gave her an R2D2 hat for doing all the moves and trying so hard even though she was not chosen.  It was pretty cool!  She was excited!!!

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Jack & Zero

Riding the Disneyland RR

Meeting Minnie Mouse

Me and the fab 4 in front of the waterfall at California Adventure

It's Tough to be a Bug - Love those bug glasses

After dinner at Tortilla Jo's with their awesome balloon creations (E had princess Leia, J got a penguin hat)

E got a shark hat

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