Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just a few more:

MINUTES until Karen2 from Splitcoast arrives (okay, actually over 60, but I am still excited)! I am excited to play with her, shop with her, stamp with her.

SUBSCRIBERS - ALSO, just a few more subscribers and I can announce the winners . . . so if you have not subscribed . . . DO IT! It's the cool thing to do and everyone else is doing it and all that . . .

COMMENTS - Also, thank you to those of you who have left comments. I am such a comment junkie! I need them. I feed off them . . . so if you like something I did, tell me, or if you want to see something . . . tell me!

HOURS - until Jody will have her package from me and I can post all the cool things I created for you to see. Are you excited? Probably not, but I sure am!!!

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