Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Only 2 Days until Greys

For the record, I am only on disc 5 -- I have two more discs of season 2 to watch before Thursday night . . . so that should be pretty crazy. I also want to get some stamping in there and we have the Orkin man coming to spray today -- not sure how much supervision he needs . . . anyway . . .

Okay, someone posted links to the Fray video - How to Save a Life on YouTube, and there are a bunch of other promos on there. It is seriously making me so stoked to see this season. I am going crazy with anticipation, so I thought I would share:

How to Save a Life - The Fray

An Anatomy Lesson

Season 3 Promo on ABC

I stamped some really cool stuff yesterday that I will upload later this week after the person getting it has it in their hot little hands -- so for today, I will try to do, upload and post the color challenge and then make sure you check back later for the cool stuff.

Oh, some really really good news . . . . yesterday E told me she needed to go potty, so we put her on the potty and she took a few minutes . . . but she went. Then this afternoon, she asked me to go to the potty again and she went again! Hooray! Two days of big girl pants and plastic covers and no accidents so far! YAY! I am so glad that this is finally happening!!!!


Taryn said...

Potty training is such a drag but when it clicks it's heaven. (When I was single I would never had imagined describing my child go to the bathroom as heaven.)

Broni said...

Re: Grey's Anatomy
Have you read Shonda's blog about Season 3: